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Please allow us to introduce ourselves briefly. We are the Veterinary Student Association for Development and Wildlife (VSDW), a thriving student association affiliated with Ghent University. Our team comprises enthusiastic veterinary students from various year levels.

Through this study group, we aim to shed more light on veterinary medicine concerning non-domesticated animals (both wildlife and zoo animals) and the veterinary world in third-world countries through lectures and outings. In this way, we aim to increase knowledge about wildlife medicine and foster more collaboration. In addition to lectures, we also aim to create an information hub for those interested in traveling to third-world countries to gain experience but may find it a daunting step to take.

To organize these lectures, outings, and events, we are seeking financial assistance to augment our budget. We would like to inquire if you are interested in entering into a sponsorship deal with us. We offer various packages detailed in the attachment. Of course, we are open to any form of assistance and are always willing to negotiate a company-specific agreement.

What can VSDW offer sponsors?

We can present a sponsor’s logo in various ways at different types of events. For example, we can display the logo on banners, presentation slides, and social media. VSDW can also serve as a gateway to Ghent University’s student network, facilitating quicker connections between students and, making it easier to arrange internships or assistance with veterinary-related events. Are you interested in the world of wildlife medicine and development yourselves? Feel free to join us to gain more knowledge together. Our sponsors are always welcome to attend our lectures and events.

If you want more information please contact us!


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